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Pink on We Heart It -

Definitely not the right source. Re-sourcing~

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Ughhh. Get in my wardrobe please.

Sailor Lolita: Find me a sailor dress, please? ›


I would like to clarify that if you send me an ask with a question as to where to find sailor dresses or for me to link you to some, I am sorry, but I do not have time to go searching through all the websites to find a dress that is so rare to find.

The sailor style in lolita is not very common,…

The brand Hell Bunny has TONS of sailor dresses, many of them suitable for lolita. I own two hell bunny dresses myself (this and this).
Neither of them are nautical themed dresses, but I can honestly say that they are great quality and look beautiful worn. There are plenty of online shops that sell the Hell Bunny Brand. Their pieces are also cute in retro/pinup inspired co-ords~ I hope this helped.

I couldn’t give a single fuck about what you think of how I dress. Don’t like it? Don’t look. I don’t dress this way to please you.

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Simple Casual Lolita for work today~

I’ll be adding a floral hair clip and a cute pearl necklace too~

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I need these.

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My boyfriend bought me this for my 20th Birthday. It’s a dress by Hell Bunny. I absolutely adore it. It looks great styled in a Retro Co-ord, and in a lolita co-ord.


Worn with a blouse it reminds me of something Innocent World might make.
I can’t wait to wear it out. ^-^ 

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