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Tw: panic disorder, emetophobia

When I don’t sleep I always end up throwing up the next day because of panic attacks or nausea. I hope I can get to sleep at some point today before I have to go to work. :(

3 days ago on 04/17/14 at 05:36am

It’s almost 5 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet. Today is going to be great.

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3 days ago on 04/17/14 at 04:47am

Sorry I haven’t been around much you guys. I’ve been working non stop for the last few weeks pretty much. My health has taken a recent downturn as well— which I’m trying to fix. .__.

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1 week ago on 04/12/14 at 03:34pm
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3 weeks ago on 03/28/14 at 08:29pm

I did a thing.

I wish there was some place I could go where I didn’t have to deal with any of those people who do things that trigger me. It feels like they’re everywhere and it makes me sick.

1 month ago on 03/17/14 at 03:49pm

I`m really sick of being belittled and shut down by you every time I see you

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1 month ago on 03/17/14 at 03:45pm

I can’t believe I get to go to Osheaga this year with like 10 of my favorite people.

1 month ago on 03/17/14 at 01:14pm

I feel too anxious to get out of bed tbh.

1 month ago on 03/12/14 at 11:12am
1 month ago on 03/11/14 at 11:45pm

yamneko said: get some gum to take on the plane, it’ll help pop your ears on take off/landing

  • I completely forgot about the ear popping thing. I bring gum with me everywhere anyway so nbd. Ahh! I’m really excited but I’m also really scared. >.< 
    I can’t imagine being so high up in the sky o-o
1 month ago on 03/11/14 at 09:07pm

So it’s pretty much set in stone that my boyfriend and I are going to Osheaga this summer. I’m kind of terrified because I’ve never been on a plane or outside of my home province before. .__.

Tristan and I won’t be on the same flights either so I’m really scared.

But ya.
If any of you are going I’d really like to meet you.

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1 month ago on 03/11/14 at 08:15pm

So I found out that one of my coworkers is a raging feminist like myself and I’m v happy about it.

1 month ago on 03/04/14 at 11:25am

I’m feeling pretty awful about myself right now so I’m just going to lay around like a sack of crap and cry all night tbh

1 month ago on 03/02/14 at 11:14pm

Soooo…. My hair is green now~

My sister and I are doing hair modeling for a local salon. I’ll post pictures after the shoot today

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1 month ago on 02/24/14 at 08:58am