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Taken with my phone yesterday,

Kayla and I went out to the lake to take photos. Kayla’s a really good photographer. She got some awesome shots of me ; u ;

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2 years ago on 07/16/12 at 05:02pm

New clothes! =^-^=

I went out with my boyfriend to buy some black jeans. Which I actually found, but  I also found an adorable pair of peach shorts and overalls. I still can’t decide on what shirt looks best with the overalls though ^_^;


I think the braletes would be cute for really hot days. I’ll probably pair them with some OTK socks and a cute pair of shoes.

I also found these shorts:


They’re actually a bit longer than that. I rolled them up a little though~

I’ll be making a clothing haul/ ootd video soon. So stay tuned~~


2 years ago on 07/16/12 at 01:15pm

My rainy day snack. Yummy~

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Morning. The sun is so bright and I’m drowning in a sea of plushies.

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2 years ago on 07/06/12 at 07:50am

Palid ›

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Awkward poses~ ›

My Outfit today :) 

Skirt: American Apparel
Petticoat: American Apparel
OTK Socks: American Apparel
Floral Bralet: Sirens
Hair clip: Icing
Belt: Calvin Klein 

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Necklace~ ›

2 years ago on 06/21/12 at 08:08pm

Full outfit post~

Hat: Handmade
Necklace: Bootlegger ($1.50) 
Dress: Sirens ($22.00)
Belt: Calvin Klein *vintage store find* ($12.00)
Knee High Socks: American Apparel ($12.00) 
Polkadot Flats: Fairweather ($10.00)
Bag: Spring ($7.00) 

2 years ago on 06/21/12 at 04:29pm

My outfit today~ :)

2 years ago on 06/21/12 at 04:18pm